03 Greedo Murder Rumors Debunked By His Manager

As the rumors of 03 Greedo was shot and killed while in Watts, Los Angeles, swept the internet, his manager didn’t waste any time to put the rumors to rest. 

On Saturday, unidentifiable sources claimed that The Wolf of Grape Street rapper was shot and killed while in his hometown, Watts, Los Angeles, causing fans to rush to social media to send their condolences and wished that the rumor wasn’t true. 

“Not my dawg plzzz tell me this ain’t true,” one fan commented. Another fan said “bro if u got shot ima literally cry.”

According to HotNewHipHop, the rapper’s manager, who allegedly replied to someone who questioned whether the rumors were true or not through text, debunked them. At the time the rumors began to spread online, the 36-year-old revealed that he was in the Bay Area being interviewed by Lil Blood. 

“Legend has it that if you say LIL BLOOD TV 3X, it’ll wake up the dead @03greedo I think it’s time to wake they ass up then INTERVIEW loading…….,” Lil Blood wrote

Following his five-year prison stint, 03 Greedo has been transparent with those that he lost while behind bars.

“I’m already going through the personal side of people dying,” he said. “Like aunties, family friends, or just losing like real close homies in the hood It was so much s**t.”

One of the deaths that he has been grieving while imprisoned was a close friend and collaborator, Drakeo The Ruler.

“I lost a lot of homies, family, and industry friends while I’ve been locked up, but to lose my evil twin f***ed me up,” he said, sharing a throwback picture of him and Drakeo. “I wake up every day wishing I made parole so I could convince you to move out of LA with me and focus on the music. To lose your n-ggas you made your first millions with before even coming home to enjoy it is mind-blowing. Coming home to Shoreline broken up and no Ketchy or Drakeo, we still have so many hot songs we haven’t shown the world.”

Since his release from a 5-year prison sentence, this isn’t the first rumor that the Watts legend had to dispel. In July, a rumor of Greedo allegedly snitched in his gun and drug case began to swarm the internet, as someone released documents suggesting that he turned into an informant. 

“I just want you b***h a** n***as to know,” Greedo began his rant via Instagram. “You know, I did five. Nobody else did nothing off this conviction, this time, whatever y’all calling it. Let’s be clear. My hood ain’t mad at me. Ain’t nothing worked out, you hear me? That’s cute. Who in jail? ‘Oh, that was Greedo work, but he’s still telling.’ I ain’t never said that. But if they want to say I said that, f**k it, let’s go get the videos. I did half a decade, nobody else in jail; it’s my work.”

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