1090 Jake Addresses His Snitching Allegations

The Infamous 1090 Jake, born Jacob Cherry, is known for exposing rappers who have posted paperwork. In a turn of events, paperwork was released on 1090 Jake for allegedly snitching on an inmate who attacked him.

Leaked paperwork from the Florida Department of Corrections surfaced online, and social media reacted quickly. 1090 Jake filed a grievance due to being beaten and facing back trauma. In the report, he explained the entire altercation with the inmate. 1090 Jake gave the name of an inmate who allegedly hit him with a rock in the back of the head.

1090 Jake went on Instagram live with Riemoh from No Jumper to discuss the facts. 1090 Jake went into detail about how the altercation happened and what the grievance report was about. Jake says the police watched him get hit with a rock. Continuing with that information, the police knew who hit him before he wrote the name down in his report.

Jake defended his name and confirmed he did note the name of his aggressor, but the cops already had that information. He also said the report was worthless because he remained in confinement. Jake acknowledged he did write the entire letter to the warden and did ask for help. The resurfaced video from four years ago shows the officer who saw the altercation reported information with both individuals.

1090 Jake has exposed many rappers, including Real Boston Richey, Finesse2Tymes and Quality Control CEO Pierre “P” Thomas. The fans are now wondering if 1090 Jake will be exposing any more rappers after being exposed himself for the second time.

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