42 Dugg Released From Prison After Serving 17 Months For Gun Possession,

As of Wednesday, 42 Dugg is a free man!

According to TMZ, the Detroit rapper was released from prison on Monday, after he served a year and five months behind bars for gun possession. He was greeted by his loved ones and none other than CMG Records’ Yo Gotti.

“Whaddup, Gotti,” Dugg exclaimed and greeted the CMG Records boss.

In a viral video clip, Dugg, born Dion Hayes, was seen running towards a silver Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV as he left the Georgia prison grounds. According to the publication, Hayes and his loved one got food, and he wasted no time getting into the studio afterward. 

Lil Baby also shared that he linked with Dugg to Icebox on his first day out.

Dugg was sentenced to a year in prison on April 26 for failing to turn himself in to begin serving his term, according to records obtained by XXL. He ultimately pled guilty to avoiding his sentence back in February 2023.

While he was serving time, Dugg complained about his detention conditions in May, where he insisted that the U.S. Marshals played “mind games” and held him against his will after his court date. 

“Let me update yall on whats really going on, atl us marshals tryna keep me from going home,” he began. “I supposed to got out Oct 14th of last year they illegally held me without reasoning because they felt my federal judge in detroit shouldn’t gave me ah bond.”

“I let that slide then after i got sentenced one of tell me he not sending me to ah prison, he gone make me do my time in ah county jail which is ten times worse,” he continued. 

He also informed fans that one of the US Marshals allegedly knew where he lived and shared that the US Marshals allegedly didn’t submit his paperwork for his release as a tactic to illegally incarcerate him. 

Welcome home, 42 Dugg! Hopefully, he will join the rest of the CMG Records’ roster as they continue their tour. 

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