600 Breezy Shuts Down King Yella’s Request To Squash Their Beef

Following King Yella’s request, 600Breezy isn’t willing to sit down with him to squash their beef.

King Yella recently declared on Instagram that he is open to settling differences with rapper 600Breezy, pointing out that they might be improving Chicago instead of contributing to the city’s violent warfare. However, 600Breezy responded by denying the request.

“Aye, aye Yella. I’ma tell you one more time,” he began. “Stop messing with me, gang. Stop messing with me, why the **** What is me sitting down with your big goofy ass is gonna do for the city of Chicago? Be for real bro. Me and your block not even into it.”

He continued.

“Ya’ll steady wanna push this fake-ass, tiddy-biddy beefin’ — that’s not what the **** is goin’ on in the streets. We beefin’ off sets, we beefin’ off blocks. You hung with the n-ggas we was beefin’ with and you wanna put yourself in it with like, stop doin’ that, gang. I’m not sittin’ down with you, you big-ass ****** thunky. You’re a goofy, you’re a ****** goofy. You keep mentioning me, bro, stop doin’ that, gang.”

 On Aug. 26, King Yella took to his Instagram stories to share with fans that he wanted to end their long feud after escaping another assassination attempt last month.

“As a grown man, I’m willing to sit down with @600Breezy and settle out differences like men to make change for Chicago, but more [importantly] the world 🌎 and the youth 💯.”

According to HipHopDX, on July 24, Yella claimed in a video in late July that “Mexicans in San Bernadino” tried to murder him while he was traveling through the city with his kids in the backseat of the vehicle. 

“Mutha***** done shot my window out, done tried to kill us in Cali,” Yella said in the clip. “These ****** some bitches. Mutha****** Mexicans in San Bernadino. Them ****** shot at me and my kids.”

This isn’t the first time that the two Chicago natives have gotten into it publicly. According to Chiraqdrill, back in 2017, 600Breezy was confronted by King Yella and Billionaire Black in a Las Vegas mall. The incident stemmed from 600Breezy’s beef with King Yella’s friend, Rico Recklezz.

“600Breezy is lucky we were in the mall,” Yella tweeted, sharing the footage of the altercation.

Last May, 600Breezy challenged Yella to a boxing match after Yella accused him of lying about his alleged confrontation with Charleston White. 

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