Island Boys Post Picture Simulating A Sexual Act On Each Other

The Island Boys find themselves in the midst of yet another controversy…

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The Island Boys have become no strangers to controversy and stirring up issues online.

From feuds with celebrities and domestic disputes to even engaging in intimate acts with each other, these brothers certainly know how to garner attention. However, their latest stunt has left many questioning if they took things too far.

The duo of brothers shocked the internet by posting a picture that simulated an oral sex act on each other. While some believe the image could be a fake, others believe the two may be promoting some kind of sex tape.

One of the brothers spoke with TMZ to explain some of their actions. Flyysoulja told TMZ that they don’t consider what they do to be sexual. He goes on to say that there is nothing romantic or sexual happening. The pair began recording music under the stage name “Island Boys” but blew up off of the viral “I’m an Island boy” sound. Now it seems as if the identical twins are thriving off of the controversies from their various antics, which continuously keep social media in an uproar.