A$AP Rocky Accepts Virgil Abloh Award In Harlem

A$AP Rocky was presented with the Virgil Abloh Award. He accepted the award and gave a very touching speech about Virgil. A$AP was seen wearing rhinestone clips in his hair, reminiscent of Rihanna.

He freestyled and said he did not write a speech. He also explains how he felt a little embarrassed for not being completely prepared like other guests. The A$AP Mob were sneaking into clubs as teenagers when they were discovered by Virgil Abloh. Virgil found the crew before they were signed by any record labels.

“For y’all who don’t know, Virgil discovered us A$AP, as a bunch of kids before I got my record deal or any of that, we was downtown in SoHo just cooling, and we wasn’t old enough to get into this club,” he said, “Virgil peeped us and unbeknownst to us—and we ain’t know that he knew who he was—he’s like, ‘Wait, y’all are those Harlem kids, the trendy ones,’ and we was tripping like, ‘Wait. Virgil knows who we are. The fashion world knows about us?”

A$AP spoke about how Virgil and the fashion world found their talents at a young age. Virgil Abloh noticed the A$AP crew and called them “trendy,” according to A$AP Rocky. He said Virgil designed his first album cover. Which is the notorious black and white album cover with the American flag posted behind him.

He continued to show love to Virgil and shared how he inspired many people to be unique.

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