Adam22 Says Wack 100 Misled The People With 6ix9ine And Kodak Black’s Million Dollar Deal

After 6ix9ine denied he paid Kodak Black $1,000,000 to collab with him on a track, Adam22 called out Wack 100 for misrepresenting the facts.

On Sunday’s episode of “The Adam & Wack Show,” the two hosts argued about exactly how Wack, who works with 6ix9ine, shared details about the “Shaka Laka” single after the controversial rapper disputed the notion that he paid the hefty price tag for the Kodak feature in a recent interview.

“He’s (6ix9ine) basically telling a version of how the deal happened with Fume Vapes; sounded a bit different from the version you told about how the Kodak song came together,” Adam told his co-host.

After Wack confirmed the Florida-based company actually put up the money to pair his client with the “Pistolz & Pearlz” rapper, Adam accused him of “acting as if it was 6ix9ine’s money going to Kodak.” Wack felt the accusation was “disrespectful” and added that he “wouldn’t allow 6ix9ine to go in his pocket and pay for it.” He then directed Adam’s attention to the Instagram post that started the rumor.

On July 28, Wack posted a video of someone holding a certified check worth $1,000,000 written out to Kodak Black’s legal name, Bill Kahan Kapri. Fume is tagged in the caption and referred to as his “new business partners who did exactly what we agreed to.”

Adam then said that Wack passed up a chance to “educate the people” but instead “lead us to believe that Daniel Hernandez [6ix9ine] was a ***** who paid Kodak Black $1,000,000.”  

Wack clarified that while he arranged the deal, which included 6ix9ine wearing Fume apparel in the music video, the company retained ownership of the song with a profit-sharing agreement.

Shortly after Kodak faced backlash for working with 6ix9ine after he cooperated with prosecutors in the federal RICO case against New York’s Nine Trey Bloods, the outspoken manager spoke about bringing the two rappers together on No Jumper. In that appearance, Wack said Fume Vapes “put bag up” but didn’t elaborate on the details any further.

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