Adam22 Tells Joe Budden Co-Host To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

 Adam22 has again shared his thoughts on the friction between himself and the Joe Budden podcast. 

In a recent interview with Rocstar2800, Adam was asked why the podcast headed by the New Jersey rapper has an issue with him.

“I don’t know if hate’s the word,” he explained.

However, when Rocstar2800 specifically mentions JBP co-host Ish, the tone changes.

“He tried to do this boring ass like ‘you ask gang members about gang stuff’ argument on the show. It didn’t go anywhere. It didn’t win anybody over. Everybody thought it was lame, and he’s still just pushing it,” Adam said.

“Bro, shut the f*ck up. Nobody is falling for this bullsh*t argument. This is such a 2018 take…it’s the ultimate rap dad take,” he continued. “I’m gonna interview someone that disses their ops in their music, and I’m gonna ask them about ‘what did that line mean’ or ‘why did you have something to say about this dude.’ If they put it in the music, I’m gonna talk about it.’”

Rocstar2800 agreed with Adam and expanded upon the subject matter that’s often explored.

“If it’s on the internet, we’re gonna talk about it,” the Arizona-based blogger said. “I didn’t bring it to the internet…I’m just commentating on it. We have opinions, but our opinions don’t matter. You can choose if it matters to you or not. It doesn’t matter. I don’t give a f*ck.”

This isn’t the first time that Adam22 has used his No Jumper platform to address Ish. On Aug. 10, guest Dejon Paul brought up the subject to which Adam gave more insight into the feud.

“It would be hard for me to do an interview with a drill rapper and not mention at least some of the conflict that they’re talking about, especially when they have issues with other famous rappers,” he said. 

Flakko mentioned how other podcasts interview rappers about the beef they’ve had.

“The Breakfast Club brought on The Game to talk about Meek Mill and Fredo Starr about 50 Cent. So we calling out everybody, all media, to say ‘stop the f*ck sh*t.”

Adam also shared how a misunderstanding on an Instagram livestream with Crip Mac and J Mane led to a vitriolic rant from the JBP personality.

“Ish is old as f*ck and has no media literacy…he doesn’t know what the f*ck is going on,” Adam said.

The tension stems from an appearance Adam22 made on the JBP episode “Truth Bomb” in 2022. The conversation started off friendly but turned contentious when the subject of gang culture being discussed on No Jumper came up. While Joe Budden and Ice disagreed with Adam and the direction of No Jumper, Ish was particularly harsh, summarizing the prioritization of drill rap as “more money in n*gga trauma.”

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