Adin Ross Broke Streaming Records With Fake Kim Jong Un Interview

Adin Ross went live and interviewed an imposter pretending to be Kim Jong Un. The video starts off as a bit of a comic sketch. Adin started by asking the imposter several questions about peace and America.

Kim Jong Un is a North Korean leader. He is known for his alleged crimes against his inhumanity. He has had conflicts with multiple countries; he has even been recorded testing nuclear bombs.

Adin decided to make light of a dark situation and invited an imposter to interview. The imposter said he and Trump are friends, and the two countries will be united. The bit resembles the movie ‘The Interview’ featuring Seth Rogan and James Franco. The two were reportedly banned from North Korea because Kim Jong Un felt attacked.

Multiple news outlets reported on Ross’ meeting with Kim Jong Un. The publications assumed he would meet with the actual leader of North Korea. But Adin went live on Kick to show the imposter in action. Later in the stream, Adin Ross went live with Andrew Tate to introduce him to the imposter leader of North Korea.

Andrew Tate seemed stunned at first but then loosened up and held back his laughter. As Andrew smoked his cigar, the actor spoke about America and Kim Jong Un’s hate for the country.

“I will destroy America!” the actor shouted.

Andrew continued to ask Adin why he decided to wake him up at 3 a.m. with a Kim Jong Un impersonator. The stream is mostly lighthearted, but we assume the North Korean leader won’t take this entertainment lightly.

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