Adin Ross Kicked Out Of TwitchCon After Entering Wearing Kick Shirt

Adin Ross made a bold decision when he chose to crash this year’s TwitchCon.

The popular gamer was met with controversy when he ended up being kicked out of the streaming convention. Ross demanded to speak to the Twitch CEO during his time at the event.

“I want to meet the CEO,” the 23-year-old said to security while wearing Kick merch. “Eddie told me to be really nice. I just want to ask him a couple questions. Where do I find the CEO?”

The gamer is currently banned from Twitch but still opted in to make an appearance in hopes of being unbanned he later clarified.

“I’m not here to cause problems,” Adin told the venue security. “I’m here to spread love. I love Twitch. I want to get unbanned. I’m going to ask him to unban me.”

The surprise appearance by the content creator shocked many not only due to his ban but also because of his affiliation with competitor Kick, in which he was proudly wearing the streaming services’ merch.

Ross further pushed the button of controversy when he showed up with an entourage or people also decked out in Kick merch. The prominent streamer and his crew were confronted with 15 minutes of their arrival at the Las Vegas venue. Ross led the pack when the group approached, feeling as though they did nothing wrong.

“You guys have to leave.” the security demanded.

“What did we do? I was here for five seconds. I’ve paid. But I paid?” Ross countered while revealing his entry badge.

Adin and his crew were later told they violated Twich’s code of conduct. Members of the group who joined the Kick streamers were also suspended indefinitely.

TwitchCon is an event that brings together some of the biggest content creators in the world of gaming. It allows fans and gamers to interact with each other while taking part in a variety of panels.

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