Adin Ross Says The N-Word While Performing ‘I Don’t Like’ With Chief Keef

Chief Keef got invited to Adin Ross’s birthday party, which came with an exceptional performance with a bit of backlash.

The Chicago-born drill music pioneer celebrated the birthday of the online streamer with a special surprise that led to quite the hangout as videos were shared online. As part of the party fun, Keef took to the stage to perform his hit song “I Don’t Like.” Sosa rapped his song as usual, but things got blurry when he handed the mic off to Ross, who was on stage with him.

Sosa seemingly gave the streamer a pass to say the N-word when he extended the microphone to him during a part of the song’s chorus that explicitly uses the N-word. In the video, you can see Ross being somewhat hesitant but quickly lets his guard down when he notices the excitement with Keef’s energy.

It’s safe to say Keef gave Ross a pass to use the word, but it sparked much debate online. The use of the word stirred up the conversation of who is allowed to use the word in incidents like this, but if Chief Keef didn’t see an issue, some online commenters felt he should not have let that happen.

Regardless, the pair appeared to have enjoyed their time in Las Vegas. They went out to gamble and walked away with about $60k in money they won.

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