Alleged Slimelife Shawty Plea Deal Explanation Proven Fake

Audio allegedly involving SlimeLife Shawty snitching on Young Thug was revealed to be fake. The audio was released on Aug. 20 of SlimeLife, stating that he took a plea deal to be there for his kids.

“It really made me think – damn, who gonna be there for my kids?” The audio recording stated. “I don’t f*ck with a n*gga like that. I ain’t gonna be around a n*gga like that,”

It was later found to be fake, the leaked video was edited and taken out of context. The audio was taken from a podcast interview from, November 2021.

The audio was not only fake but the messages that have leaked appeared to be fake. SlimeLife responded tp the fake media being spread at the expense of his name.

DJ Akademiks broke the news on his Instagram confirming that the audio was taken and edited from an interview he did a while back. It is still unclear who wanted to make SlimeLife Shawty look like a snitch in the public eye.

“Thats fake asf man whoever made that y’all fye ain gone lie but y’all lame asf. That voice recording came from a interview I did years ago I think it was Big Facts interview it’s on YouTube d*ckhead,”

“And them messages fake asf u can’t pay a person to say I ever had that convo with them wtf I look like,” he added.

Someone not only clipped and edited old interviews but then released it to the public as fact. The internet was on the case, and the leaked audio was quickly debunked.

The case is still ongoing for the YSL team and RICO charges against Young Thug. The media has been spinning this story to make certain people allegedly look bad. This does make media outlets look bad by just respawning posts instead of doing the correct due diligence.

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