Andrew Tate Goes Off On Adin Ross For Relapsing On Lean

Andrew Tate goes went live to comment on Adin Ross being back on Lean. Tate says Ross is deciding to do “dumb sh*t” for the entertainment of others.

Tate surrounds the concept that Ross is afraid to be a good influence. That toxic clout is something that makes you more famous and seen.

“He may not even realize that himself, but that’s why he’s back on lean. He’s back on lean so he has something to talk about on his f*cking stupid show,” he said.

“I actually like Adin as a person, but if he’s genuinely back on drugs, that’s why he’s done it. How many times can I try and help the guy? I’ve told him to go to the gym, get in fantastic shape, you’re rich and young, you should be built like an animal.” he continued.

Tate seems to be completely upset by the fact that Ross, in his opinion, is going down the wrong path. Adin and Andrew have been friends for years now and continue to have each other’s back during online dramas.

Tate has recently been released from house arrest and is now a free man. R,oss on the other hand, has been talking about his struggles with drug abuse. Ross said he started using again once he tested positive for COVID-19.

“I won’t lie to you guys when I was sick with COVID-19, I picked up a pint straight up, and I poured up. I should not have done that. I did that for back-to-back days, and um, that would explain the face chub, the swollenness of my face,” he reminisced.

Tate goes on to talk about how much he likes Ross but also speaks on how disappointed he is for Ross’ relapse.

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