Another Altercation Involving A Folding Chair Is Going Viral On Social Media

There has been another altercation involving a folding chair, but this time it featured a yellow chair being swung around. A video clip surfaced on social media of an African-American man being charged at, and in response, the man swung a chair in self-defense.

The video clip took place in Detroit, Michigan. However, August 5, 2023, marks the first instance of a folding chair being used in a fight, where a huge brawl broke out involving numerous angry men and women in Montgomery, Alabama.

Multiple people have been charged in the Alabama brawl and are now facing the consequences of their actions. We’re seeing these types of altercations taking place more and more.

The latest altercation involved two men exchanging words, then the violence starts. One man is seen grabbing a chair and backing away from the other man in a navy-blue tank. As he is walking back, the other man attacks, but the man in the white defends himself with the yellow chair.

Most of social media is talking about how the chair swing was well deserved, while others are arguing that the man in white should have stopped swinging the chair once the aggressor was down.

Influencer Ryan Shead added his opinion on the subject.

“Thoughts and Chairs! This is the Detroit I grew up in. Y’all need to stop playing with people. Just mind your business and enjoy your evening. Some of y’all need to put the liquor down,” he said.

This viral clip has taken social media by storm. There have been endless memes and commentary regarding the fight. Tariq Nasheed’s viral tweet sent Twitter into a frenzy, with a total of 6.3 million views on a seven-second clip.

“Another brotha got the folding chair spirit recently-this time in Detroit..” he tweeted.

We do not have much backstory on how the fight escalated or how the altercation occurred. We also do not know if either party was charged with a crime.

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