Asian Doll, YNW Melly’s Mother, Reacts to Lul Timm’s Murder Charges Dropped

According to YouTuber Mickey Truth, Lul Timm, who was connected to the murder of King Von, will no longer face murder charges for the fatal 2020 shooting!

Despite being released on bail in 2021, Lul Timm was still getting prepared for an upcoming trial. However, prosecutors reportedly now believe that Von’s death was a result of self-defense, viewing the case from a new perspective. 

“Because the police said Tim ain’t kill him, the police did,” exclaimed Asian Doll, Von’s late girlfriend, in a now-deleted post.

Following a confrontation that escalated into a shooting outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta on Nov. 6, 2020, Lul Timm, born Timothy Leeks, was charged with the murder of the late Chicago rapper in November of that year.

According to XXL, no documentation proving that Leeks was exonerated in King Von’s murder was discovered after searching the Fulton County Magistrate/Courthouse records.

Asian Doll isn’t the only person to react to the news. Florida rapper YNW Melly’s mother had an opinion on the matter as well.

“Meanwhile, the state of Florida is trying to give Melly the death penalty without a gun or witness and a Mistrial,” she exclaimed. “This is wild.”

Melly was on trial in South Florida on suspicion of killing two of his friends, 19-year-old Christopher Thomas Jr. and 21-year-old Anthony Williams, five years ago. 

Fans also took to X, also known as Twitter, to respond to the recent update of this case.

“Right before ya birthday it’s up lil bra @timm_lul,” one fan commented.

Another fan said “I doubt it. I think it’s because it was seen as self defense. Which is expanded to helping other people,” in response to Asian Doll’s statement. 

This person questioned Asian Doll’s statement by asking, “So if Tim didn’t kill him , why durk trynna kill them & not the police ?” 

Lastly, this person asked if the Dallas rapper had forgotten about the footage that was leaked online, commenting, “Umm did she forget the whole video of the shooting is on the internet timmy walked him down.” 

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