Azealia Banks Demolishes Drake Amidst His Feud with Joe Budden: ‘Does Drake Know His Nose Job and Liposuction is not HipHop’

The undisputed Azealia Banks wants smoke with Drake after publicly blasting him!

As Drake continues to receive heavy criticism on his eighth album, For All The Dogs, Banks also weighs in the conversation, and declares that the album doesn’t meet the standards of “hiphop.”

“Does Drake know his nose job and liposuction is not hiphop?” she asked on her Instagram stories. 

“Does drake know that no one who actually understands Hip Hop — a culture born from oppressed, don’t reeeeeeeeallly care about his soft-toothed colonized confused mixed-race facsimile attempts to exhibit the true authenticity of an actual MC? Does drake know his desperate attempts to gangsterize Canadian ‘street life’ is an all encompassing failure in and of it itself,” she continued. 

She also had time to blast Cash Money Records’ Birdman after he joined Drake in his spat with Joe Budden.

“Does birdman know how low iq, tacky and how much of a f*****g loser he looks threatening joe Budden via the internet. Can u just make some more lug and quit threatening people online before you get arrested? S**t like that really makes the genre look trashy and low budget as hell… and sorry… you’ve kinda just made it so hot that if anything happens to joe Budden it’s certainly getting traced back to you and drake. LOL,” she added.

Banks has a long history of sharing her unfiltered takes as she analyzes the state that most musical genres are in. Despite many fans previously slammed her online behavior, they seemingly agreed with the Harlem rapper on this opinion.

Despite the long list of wildly anticipated features on his recently released project, it didn’t stop the critics from sharing their gripes with the 23-track album. One of Drake’s biggest critics is none other than Joe Budden.

Budden was highly vocal on the quality of the album, and asked who was the primary targeted audience of the album, as he deemed the Canadian artist was “rapping for children.”

Drake, in return blasted the New Jersey lyricist, and deemed that he was a “failure of a rapper.”

“You have failed at music,” Drake said. “You left it behind to do what you are doing in this clip cause this is what actually pays your bills. For any artist watching this just remember you are watching a failure give their opinion on his idea of a recipe for success…a quitter give their opinion on how to achieve longevity…”

“You switched careers cause the things that pop into your brain had you broke living cheque to cheque and the raps you write had 450 men showing up to your shows in dusty Enyce jeans to screw up their face to Mood Muzik 29 and pretend you are the goat,” he added.

As the two continue their online interactions, industry figures such as Hot 97’s Ebro Darden took to social media to share his opinions of the whole ordeal.

Do you think Azealia Banks was right? Or do you think Drake’s album qualifies as Hip-Hop?

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