Bhad Bhabie Shares OnlyFans Provided Financial Freedom

Bhad Bhabie is letting it be known that her widely popular OF account financially saved her from being “broke!”

The “catch me outside” internet celebrity recently revealed that she “barely had ****” before she joined the platform during an interview on the High Low podcast.

“I wasn’t really thinking much of it at the time,” she shared. “But I was actually broke as **** before I started OnlyFans. Like, I was actually broke as ****. I barely had ****”

After Bhabie shared that she was essentially broke before she joined the subscription-based platform, she also shared that her mother, Barbara Bregoli was in charge of her finances.

“My mom was in control of my money, so she was doing whatever she wanted to do,” Bhabie said. “And I had a $500 limit on my card.”

Bhad Bhabie claimed that despite releasing a few hit singles before launching her OF, she never saw any money from her music career.

During the interview, Bhabie also explained how she and her manager planned for the financially freeing moment. 

She asked him to set aside $3 million for a savings account and allow her  access to $100K each month to work with. But soon after her OF page went live, she made much more money than she and her manager expected.

“It just kept coming and coming, I was just like, ‘****,” she said.

Back in 2022, it was reported that Bhad Bhabie made approximately $52 million from her OnlyFans page. 

According to Billboard, she started her OnlyFans page just a week after turning 18 and charged $23.99 per month for access to photographs and videos.

 “Not bad for 6 hours. we broke the **** out of that onlyfans record,” Bhabie said after she shared the news.

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