Biden Tells Maui Survivors About Small House Fire, Relating To Hawaii’s Devastation

President Joe Biden met with Maui survivors on Aug. 21 to deliver an uplifting speech. The President tried to lift their spirits after the horrifying disaster that struck the area.

“I don’t want to compare difficulties but we have a little sense, Jill and I, of what it’s like to lose a home. Years ago now, 15 years ago, I was in Washington doing Meet the Press. It was a sunny Sunday,” he remarked in his speech.

“Lightning struck at home, on a little lake that’s outside of our home—not a lake, a big pond—and hit a wire that came up underneath our home into the heating ducts and air conditioning ducts,” he explained. “To make a long story short, I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat.”

People are upset that he compared a disaster that devastated many lives to his small ‘house’ fire. Maui residents have commented on the speech being “tone-deaf.”

“However, I can understand how he was trying to meet us somewhere and say, ‘I understand,’ but unfortunately that is nothing that compares to what happened to our community,” stated one resident.

“our beautiful little town and the families of children that were lost and disabled and the elderly. I mean, a car and your kitchen is kind of just a little sad to hear …” the resident continued.

Biden continues to support the people of Maui by reassuring the community that they will rebuild the area ‘better’ than ever. Residents also would like the town rebuilt the way that they desire, instead of it being built the way the government wants it.

The President then goes on to tell the survivors that help will be there as long as they need it.

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