Birdman Defends Cardi B Being Labeled An Industry Plant

Birdman responded to Kanye West’s recently leaked assessment of Cardi B.

In an interview clip posted to the No Jumper Instagram, the Cash Money Records founder admitted to not watching the footage and took a neutral stance but gave some pushback to the suggestion that Cardi B was an industry plant sent to replace his former artist Nicki Minaj. 

“I never saw it, and if I did see it, I would never pass judgment on that because I don’t believe in downplaying people in the music industry in no kinda way because if you in this ****, you know how ******* hard it is. If you in this ****, you know how real it is. If you in this ****, you know that *****s die in this ****.”

Ye’s bold claim was filmed in 2018 for an unreleased documentary. The GOOD Music founder said that Cardi’s meteoric rise was due to association with the Illuminati and that her success “ain’t no ******* blessing.”

Another clip from the same documentary showed Ye slandering Nas, Pusha T and Teyana Taylor on a phone call to his former manager.

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