2 Chainz “Million Dollars Worth of Game” feat 42 Dugg

by Aidan C Werder on January 10, 2022

On Friday, 2 Chainz and 42 Dugg dropped their wildly catchy collaboration, “Million Dollars Worth of Game” - the first single off 2 Chainz’ upcoming album, ‘Dope Don’t Sell Itself’.


From its first seconds, “Million Dollars Worth of Game” immediately grabs your attention with its unusual production (by the Grammy-nominated Lil Ju) built around a high-pitched flute-like instrument. At first, the persistent whine feels like it could get annoying, but quickly gives way to a bouncy drumline as the bass drops and 42 Dugg enters - who makes it all make sense with his infectious, raspy vocal and catchy hook. One of the best aspects of the song is the seamless transition from Dugg to 2 Chainz during the hook - making use of both artists’ iconic voices to create a hugely memorable chorus before Chainz dives in to do what he does best: deliver a string of incredibly quotable lyrics about his high-flying lifestyle. 


In the lavish music video for “Million Dollars Worth of Game” (directed by Barb), we see 2 Chainz and 42 Dugg stomping around a truly over-the-top elegant mansion - flanked by a squadron of ski-mask-wearing goons and a literal team of rather standout female models. As for drip, 2 Chainz starts the video in his recent go-to, black from head to toe complete with a ski mask before changing into something more colorful - while 42 Dugg makes the inexplicable choice to rock a Detroit Pistons jersey that would have to be blurred out in post… paired with a bulging pocket full of hundreds. 


It also must be pointed out that the song shares the same name as Wallo & Gillie’s extremely popular podcast on the Barstool Sports network, “Million Dollars Worth of Game”. While 2 Chainz has yet to make an appearance, this seems like it would be a great time for one. 


Check out the video for “Million Dollars Worth of Game” feat. 42 Dugg - and be on the lookout for 2 Chainz’ new album ‘Dope Don’t Sell Itself’ coming soon. 


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