22G'z "Twirlanta"

by NO JUMPER on March 26, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Make way for 22GZ’s new video for “Twirlanta,” an explosive demonstration of rapping by New York’s drill enigma. With just a dark, eerie piano loop and no drums, 22GZ gets right to business spitting lyrics such as “My stepper gon’ brush ‘em, if i push the button, too drippy to scuff ‘em” and “Stop all that cappin’, aim for his matta, cabbage, he in a casket, gang gang gon’ wack ‘em.” Surrounded by a harem of women at a long dining table in what seems to be an older, victoria-style mansion, 22GZ appears to be calling a meeting of sorts. What really makes the track so interesting, is the fact after every 4 bars or so, you get a gut wrenching, anxious feeling that at some point the drums will force their way in and completely drop. At around 2 minutes in though, you are finally relieved of this anxiety and 22 begins to rap even harder; making the drop that you were waiting for all worth the while.

22GZ hails from Flatbush, New York and came up shining bright in the scene of Brooklyn Drill Rap. In 2016, dropped singles such as “Blixky” and “Suburban” which caught the attention of mainstream hip-hop quickly. He later signed with Kodak’s Sniper Gang where he released “Spin The Block” which featured the Florida legend Kodak himself. Since then, we’ve received a few projects that have been received fairly well by the community, and now just a few days ago, 22 gave us a new follow up titled “The Blixky Tape 2.” This is where we find ourselves submerging right into Twirlanta , a well calculated start to his strongest project yet. Though there aren’t too many larger features listed with rapper, looking at it with a wide lens, this appears to be a project that showcases growth and solidifies 22GZ as a building block to the organic blend of nihilistic, dark and ominous trap music we call “drill.”

All praise for 22GZ is well earned as you witness such a track like Twirlanta. Check out the video in the link below and also check out his newest project The Blixky Tape 2. You can’t let that one slip by.


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by FonzoDondo on April 05, 2021

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