“4U” Pierre Bourne

by NO JUMPER on April 18, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Pierre Bourne drops his first single off his highly anticipated installment “The Life Of Pierre 5” titled “4U.” A playful, contagious beat stamped firmly with Pierre’s signature production. 4U really puts you in a warming, happy mood. It’s stacked with atmospheric vocals, bright organ keys, and a thumping 808-kick that moves so vivaciously. The video portrays Pierre in Super-8 film, rapping in the neighborhood, hangin’ with friends, flexin’ a mercedes benz, and more. 

Pierre Bourne has found immense success off his production, mainly providing a strong foundation for the likes of Playboi Carti, Young Nudy, Lil’ Uzi Vert, and more. However, Pierre doesn’t stop there. He’s began taking it a step further and flexin’ his own melodic rapping and unique bars on his own production. It’s fairly rare in today’s hip-hop culture that you find artists rapping or even singing on their own beats. Pierre pays no mind. He finds it easy, creating such a distinctive, solitary lane for himself that has begun to cast a bright light; shining solely on the years of hard work he’s put in. 

It may be intriguing to comprehend, but the fanbase for Pierre Bourne is vast and

a much stronger entity than one would let on. There’s a yearning for his music from die hard fans that have been following him since his first installment of “The Life Of Pierre.” His leaks are pretty much hits before they are ever officially released, whether they be his own or production he’s done for artists. Take “Kid Cudi” or more properly known as “Pissy Pamper.” One could insist that it’s one of the biggest unreleased/leaked hits that Hip-Hop has ever seen before. Copies and leaks were all over Youtube, Soundcloud, and more. This is where we find a correlation with “4U.” Initially titled “Playstation,” 4U was a leak from 3 years back that was later renamed due to copyright issues. Fans had been eager for the official release, and it seems that their patience had paid off. 

Pierre Bourne is an enigmatic character who has blown up as a producer, but is taking the extra leap to become one of Hip-Hop’s newest talents. Similar to an artist we all respect, one of the greatest to ever do it: Kanye West. It’s a familiar story in Hip-Hop that we love to see unfold, but many aren’t able to accomplish it the way ‘Ye did. Maybe we’ll see young Pierre do just that. Peep “4U” in the link below. 

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