Autumn! - Now!

by Paul Naud on October 06, 2021

Hip Hop’s integration to an online environment has resulted in the rise of different stars and sounds throughout the last decade catering to a thriving, energetic, and youthful digital community. Thanks to the internet, the initial takeover of Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti, the unstoppable wave of XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep along with many other eras will live on forever. As of recent years, we’ve seen Soundcloud become the birth grounds of the newest trends with the growth of hyperpop, rage rap, and Pluggnb. 

At the forefront of the best music in the underground today is Autumn!, the rapper/producer climbing the ranks at an impressive pace with an imminent breakout expected. Since his early days starting as a Pluggnb producer for the rapper Summrs, Autumn! has evolved his own artistry by pushing the boundaries every time they think they might have his sound figured out. His experimental nature shows in his ability to transform and perfect his vocals with different melodies, pitches, and effects that make each song a thoroughly created piece. With a mastery of auto-tune, he’s able to sound playful, then cocky, and other times emotional in a smooth manner which sets the standard for production and sound quality among his peers in this new generation. 

Among others at a similar level, fans also enjoy the genuine feel of his lyrics when times being melodic melancholy to vicious never-ending flows. With the song “Now!”, Autumn! meets himself in the middle how he sing-raps confidently about “Now!” being his time where he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor and plotting on bigger moves, he only used to dream of. 2sided and CGM delivered light drums and quirky synths allowing Autumn! to take the spotlight both with the melody in his voice and message. Tycho Burwell shoots the upbeat song in Houston with WorldWide Films adding bright, trippy visuals to the video. Fans appreciate this video while they’re waiting on the project “Antagonist” he’s been teasing on his socials. 


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