Autumn! “One Way”

by Aidan C Werder on December 17, 2021

This week, the talented Autumn! (also known as twinuzis) dropped the video for his popular new single, “One Way” dropped earlier this month. With nearly 4M Spotify streams in 2 weeks and over 150K views in its first 24 hours on YouTube, Autumn!’s surprisingly somber Soundcloud ballad is already on its way to becoming one of his biggest songs yet - and another example of why he is widely held as one of the leaders of the new Soundcloud wave. 


One Way” is a vulnerable, unusually stripped-down track for Autumn! - forgoing the usual, busy electronic production and vocal effects to create what is essentially an unplugged, acoustic love song that has been hugely well received in the weeks since it first dropped. Carried by a deep, gentle bassline, the 3-minute-long song somehow feels completely dynamic and engaging the entire time and will even have you singing along to the chorus by the end - all with no drums in sight. 


The cinematic music video for “One Way” is equally as impressive as the song itself - directed by the rising star, Declan Kyle of TwentySomeday (known for working with other Soundcloud superstars like Lil Tecca, SoFaygo, Ka$hdami, BabySantana, DroKenji, Pasto Flocco, and more). The “One Way” video gives off a classic feel as it tells two different stories - starting with the idyllic scene of Autumn! serenading his girl inside of an old-school theater, before falling back down to earth when we see what’s really going on back at home. Overall, the video is expertly-crafted, thought provoking, and perfectly matches the spirit of the song. 


If you’re tuned in to the Soundcloud scene, you’ve definitely heard of the multitalented, Autumn! - who also produces under the name, Twin Uzis. He originally began making music in his native Louisiana after linking up with his fellow season-themed right-hand man, Summrs - bonding over their experimental Pluggnb-inspired sound that stood out amongst a sea of Southern trap rappers. Autumn! first started making noise with early songs in 2018-19 like “Can’t Take It!” feat Summrs, “Nina!”, and “Outta My Mind!” feat. Summrs & the now rapidly ascending fellow Louisiana-native, SSGKobe. In 2020, he continued his momentum with new collabs and consistent, quality drops - releasing two very well received projects, ‘Ils Verront’ and ‘Solitary’ which included the popular Yeat collab “Probably!”.  He also dropped “Still the Same”, another somber single in a similar lane as “One Way” that has gone on to become his biggest song yet with over 7.5M Spotify streams and 3M+ Soundcloud plays. 


In June of this year, Autumn! dropped his newest, featureless project, ‘Golden Child, Chapter 1’ - which included the standout track, “Not 3 Not 2!” that makes it clear where he sees himself in the pecking order. Since then, he’s kept his foot on the gas with new singles like “Portrayal!” and now “One Way” - which already appears to be shaping up to be one of his most popular songs to date. 


Overall, Autumn! is a hugely compelling new artist emerging out of the new Soundcloud wave - between his incredibly wide range that spans from upbeat party tracks to somber, acoustic love songs, his multidimensional talent as a producer, and his deep and genuine ties to many of the emerging stars from the underground/Soundcloud scene - Autumn! is a force to be reckoned with… and it seems like he’s only just getting warmed up. 


Check out the video for “One Way” below - and definitely check out Autumn!’s most recent project, ‘Golden Child, Chapter 1’ … and be on the lookout for Chapter 2!


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