B-Lovee & G Herbo “My Everything” (Part III)

by Aidan C Werder on December 20, 2021

On Friday, G Herbo returned to the Bronx to appear alongside B-Lovee for the video for “My Everything” (Part III) - the second remix of his viral smash hit that’s already seen over 5M streams, 2.5M YouTube views, and a remix by A Boogie - and the second time G Herbo has blessed a rising Bronx drill star’s breakout hit with a remix. 


When the original “My Everything” first dropped in November, it was clear that B-Lovee had a hit on his hands. Built around an iconic sample of Mary J Blige’s “Everything” (expertly produced by the sample god himself, Cash Cobain), “My Everything” is one of the first true Bronx drill love songs - and its unusual flipped-sample production paired with B-Lovee’s gritty, drill flow came together to create a compelling, totally unique sounding love song with massively broad appeal. 


G Herbo is the perfect addition to “My Everything”, entering with an unforgettable opening line that’s sure to raise an eyebrow. As we’ve seen before, Herbo’s well-developed Chicago drill flow perfectly complements the production and cadence of the Bronx/NYC drill sound, like we saw on the remix of “Being Honest” alongside B-Lovee’s right hand man and fellow Bronx drill phenom, Kay Flock. 


The Spike Tarantino-directed video for “My Everything” (Part III) shows B-Lovee casually rapping to camera, accompanied by a group of young ladies in what appears to be a very nice AirBnb - channeling the original video with the same pink-tinted scenes. 


Overall, “My Everything” is a big win for B-Lovee - following in the footsteps of his other hugely popular, unusual sounding sample-based tracks like “IYKYK” and “Neaky” that have helped him branch out beyond the Bronx drill scene - and earning not one but two superstar remixes from A Boogie and G Herbo. It will be interesting to see how one of the Bronx’s brightest young stars continues to carry this momentum forward in 2022. 


Check out the video for B-Lovee & G Herbo’s “My Everything” (Part III) - and check out the rest of B-Lovee’s biggest hits to date on his newly released compilation, also titled ‘My Everything’.


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