B-Lovee “Neaky”

by Aidan C Werder on September 08, 2021

Rising Bronx drill phenom B-Lovee appears to have done the impossible with his latest single “Neaky” - flip Gyptian’s beloved, radio-staple “Hold Yuh” into one of the hardest drill beats of the year. 

Building on the trend of “sample beats” sweeping the music game - and particularly in NYC - “Neaky” is built around the iconic piano chord of the unprecedented crossover reggae hit. Sped up and offset by the tell-tale booming 808s and asymmetrical hi-hats of the prevailing NYC drill sound, B-Lovee manages to find an insane pocket for his raspy flow and gritty drill bars. Challenging the narrative that drill isn’t for the mainstream, “Neaky” manages to be fun, catchy, gritty, and drill all the same time. 

The visual for “Neaky” (directed by Spike Tarantino) is shot in his usual straightforward style, alternating between shots surrounded by his boys - with close collaborator and fellow Bronx drill phenom, Kay Flock, front and center - as well as B-Lovee alongside a pair of… impressive models in keeping with the song’s theme. 

B-Lovee is easily one of the hottest things moving in the Bronx, on account of his raw talent, consistent creativity, and a series of smart, calculated moves. One such move is the decision to include a preview of his upcoming songs at the end of many his music videos - building anticipation for future releases and offering fodder for speculation - much like the lengthy snippet at the end of “Neaky” which previews a new song with Kay Flock over a crazy, violin-led drill beat. Another smart move was to align himself with the other two hottest things moving in the Bronx, Kay Flock and Dougie B - appearing alongside them on what may be the drill record of the year, the notorious “Brotherly Love”. 

Over the last year, B-Lovee has been one of the pioneers of the Bronx drill sound, quietly building a large, engaged following, popping up on tastemakers’ radar (see Drake’s OVO Sound Radio) and racking up millions of views on solo tracks like “Spot Em”, “C.O.E”, and most recently “IYKYK” (already his biggest song yet with 4M views and 700K+ Spotify streams in under 2 months). Not to mention his multiple collabs with Kay Flock: “Shot Down” “Opp Spotter” and “Speed Racing” and just last week with Dougie B: “Turnt”. It’s also worth noting that B-Lovee was spotted sporting a HBTL chain in the “IYKYK” video - and released a track with HBTL’s Don Q earlier this year - so take from that what you will. 

B-Lovee is already off to an incredible start, and “Neaky” proves that there is plenty left in the tank. It will be exciting to watch as the young star continues to ascend - finding new ways to keep his gritty style authentic and fresh. 

Check out the video for “Neaky” below - and be on the lookout for more from the Bronx’s B-Lovee.


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