Baby Keem "No Sense"

by NO JUMPER on April 07, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Baby Keem, born Hykeem Carter, has become an enigmatic character in the rap game since his platinum hit single “Orange Soda.” And just in the recent few hours, Keem drops his video for another recent single titled “No Sense.” One of Keem’s more smooth, ballad-like songs, No Sense is an intense drama. The video and song together form a dreary, dark ambience like something out of an episode of Black Mirror. One could go the extra mile and say this is by far Baby Keem’s most intense and well produced video for such a song. We find Keem trapped in a tall, gloomy grey building where he seems to be trapped amongst women who are viciously arranging dominoes and perhaps fighting while doing it. As he raps about past relationship trauma and the nonsense going on in his life, Keem is presented with a quick ultimatum: either he stays with these women who are causing a toxic environment for him or he makes a break for it to protect his sanity. In a moments notice, he makes the correct choice, and begins to find a way to leave the despaired building where his true problems linger. Keem struggles to find his way out, looking for a car to take him out of the parking garage and lead him on his way. As he breaks into a car, he flies a little too fast down the round ramps that lead toward ground level and smashes the car through the barrier off the mid level parking garage and crashes.

Though there are many interpretations for the sorrowful, moody video that is No Sense, on a much more surface level, the track is bouncy and still a vibey song to get down with. It’s still a song that could be played at a party, a club, a night out, anywhere of the sorts. And I think that’s what makes it so infectious and truly a good move on part of Keem and his team at pgLang/Columbia. In the months before this release, Baby Keem had released a few singles titled “hooligans” and “sons & critics.” Both of the tracks play really well but didn’t quite seem to resonate with the culture that was ecstatic for a new release from Keem. However, with his newly announced partnership with Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s PgLang and his sophomore album on the way, one could say Baby Keem is well on his way to a strong career solidly built on good, creative music. 

Aside from Baby Keem’s personal releases, the Las Vegas rapper also has features on the Black Panther Movie Soundtrack, ScHoolboy Q’s latest album Crash Talk, Jay Rock’s latest album Redemption and more. There is a link between the TDE camp and Keem, with sources stating that Keem happens to be a cousin of the late, great Kendrick Lamar. However, we musn’t let that connection blur the broader picture of Keem’s talent and hard work. In the years to come, Baby Keem has the dedication, creative ear and eye, and most importantly, a strong fanbase that will back him completely to be able to make a great name for himself. So, go check out Baby Keem’s new video for No Sense in the link below and find yourself some more new music on the No Jumper Blog!

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