Babyface Ray, Landstrip Chip & Pusha T “Dancing With the Devil”

by Aidan C Werder on January 17, 2022

Babyface Ray dropped off “Dancing With the Devil” with Pusha T and Landstrip Chip - a brilliantly executed cinematic collaboration between three iconic sounds and the perfect way to set the stage for Babyface Ray’s upcoming and highly anticipated project, ‘Face’ set to drop on January 28th. 


Dancing With the Devil” is a totally unexpected but absolutely perfectly paired collaboration between three unique artists with very particular and very different sounds. Its somber tone and raw, stripped-down production (produced by OG Parker & Romano) lay the foundation for Landstrip Chip’s mesmerizing melodic vocal on the opening hook, delivered from the church pew of a funeral as we watch Face’s unfortunate Bonnie & Clyde story unfold. The hook is perfectly contrasted by Babyface Ray’s unorthodox and understated flow - waxing poetic about the dangers of dancing with the devil as he walks down the aisle dressed in all black at the same time as we learn the role he played in why we’re gathered here today. 


As if that weren’t enough, King Push himself descends from the heavens to lend his iconic vocal, further contrasting Landstrip Chip’s haunting hook in the complete opposite direction - carefully annunciating a thoughtful worded, verse to paint a vivid, gritty picture like only Pusha T can. 


The video for “Dancing With the Devil” (directed by Joseph Desrosiers Jr) is incredibly well done and really speaks for itself. The visual does an excellent job of portraying the song’s concept by spelling out a painful example of dancing with the devil, cinematically telling this difficult and somewhat complicated narrative by seamlessly weaving together scenes from the funeral, the home invasion, and the car on the way to the hospital to create a cohesive and powerful story. 


Overall, “Dancing With the Devil” is an incredibly impressive entry all around - with every piece from the visual to the production to the individual performances firing on all cylinders. Babyface Ray continues to prove why he is one of the most compelling, unique, and versatile new artists anywhere today - and if this is any hint of what’s to come, we are in for a real treat when his new project drops later this month. 


Check out the video for Babyface Ray’s “Dancing With the Devil” with Landstrip Chip & Pusha T below - and be on the lookout for Babyface Ray’s new album, ‘Face’ dropping January 28th. 


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