Babyface Ray & YN Jay “Rich Ugly MFs”

by Aidan C Werder on December 30, 2021

On Christmas Eve, Babyface Ray and YN Jay gifted fans of the Michigan rap wave with a new straight-to-YouTube collaboration hilariously titled, “Rich Ugly MFs”. 


Rich Ugly MFs” is a perfect marriage of two of the most recognizable artists to break out of the Michigan rap scene with two of the most iconic flows - perfectly blending Face’s barely-awake delivery dripping with cool confidence and YN Jay’s over-the-top animated flow most associated with Flint. Continuing with the theme of juxtaposition, the song is built around a gentle piano melody you might hear playing in the lobby of a hotel, punctuated by the punchiest bass imaginable to make room for the most calmly delivered savage punchlines you’ve ever heard - mostly centered around just how difficult it is to be ugly when you’re rich. 


In the straightforward music video (directed by Babyface Ray-staple Kardiak Films) we see the pair of Michigan natives pretending to play their instruments while delivering verses in their respective signature styles - with Facedebuting his brand-new icy smile to match Jay’s… even though no one has ever actually seen him smile on camera.


In many ways, the spirit of “Rich Ugly MFs” speaks to the unique and oftentimes counterintuitive appeal that many of the new artists out of Michigan possess - starting with their seemingly ‘offbeat’ flows, to their raw and unapologetically offensive bars, and really just a general disregard for the rules of the road. Their appeal doesn’t come in spite of these traits, it’s because of them. Zagging where everyone else zigs will always be a viable strategy, and when done well (like they have in Michigan) can create a whole new wave and even genre of music - kind of like “Heroin Chic” of the 90s or the “Ugly Pretty” phenomenon in fashion. 


Overall, “Rich Ugly MFs” is yet another solid entry from two of Michigan’s new stars - and a prime example of their unique and unorthodox styles. 


Check out the video for “Rich Ugly MFs” by Babyface Ray and YN Jay below - and be on the lookout for more from Michigan’s finest in 2022. 


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