Badda TD "Feel Like A Boss" ft 42 Dugg

by NoJumperStore on May 03, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

17-year-old Brooklyn phenom, Badda TD, delivers another banger with “Feel Like A Boss” featuring 42 Dugg - the lead single off Badda’s debut project Prince of Flatbush. 

Yet another super strong showing for the young artist whose already got multiple hits under his belt. Badda TD’s fast paced, melodic autotune flow rides an insane trap beat on “Feel Like A Boss” in a way that’s instantly catchy and makes for a really compelling song from the jump. The bars and melodies are simple but deliberate, relentless, and well executed - not to mention delivered with a lot of confidence and swag for someone born in 2003. 

Badda’s verse and catchy hook are already impressive, and then in comes an extremely well placed feature from 42 Dugg, who really knocks his verse out of the park. Dugg’s instantly recognizable raspy Detroit vocal picks up right where Badda leaves off, delivering hard-hitting bars that flow like water and perfectly compliment the vibe of the track. 

Over the last year Badda TD has made a huge splash in the scene with multiple singles making big noise - partly thanks to the gaming community (as we learned during his interview last year with Gabe from Power 105’s On The Radar). His first track to catch fire was “Picture I Paint,” released in 2019 but really started heating up in early 2020 when it caught the eye of some prominent streamers in the Fornite gaming community and suddenly was being used in Fortnite compilation videos all across Youtube. As a result, “Picture I Paint” now sits at a stunning 13M views - not to mention 25M+ streams on Spotify. He followed up with “GANG GANG,” another melodic single that makes use of his charismatic vocal that today sits at 5.7M views and 17.5M Spotify streams. In 2020, Badda dropped a steady stream of super solid singles including “Bankroll” and “DG” - both of which have also cracked the millions. 

Given his huge success in 2020, now is the perfect time for his debut project Prince of Flatbush - which dropped March 26th. The EP is an extremely impressive first outing that offers multiple, well-developed sounds and flows throughout - not to mention a highly coveted feature from the newly free, Rowdy Rebel from GS9. Throughout the project, Badda does a great job of portraying the same gritty subject matter NY hip hop is known for, but with a softer more melodic delivery that creates hugely listenable tracks that sound ready for the main stage. 

With the maturity, work ethic, and focus of a veteran artist at the young age of 17, the future looks bright for Badda TD. Check out the video for “Feel Like a Boss” feat. 42 Dugg below - and definitely go stream his impressive debut, Prince of Flatbush, available everywhere now. 


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