Baddnews “Out the Rental”

by Aidan C Werder on December 09, 2021

On Friday, Baddnews, an exciting emerging lyricist out of the underrepresented Syracuse, NY dropped his new single, “Out The Rental” - coming as excellent news for fans of real hip hop. 


Baddnews is a rare sight these days: a young, talented street-oriented emcee with a passion for telling his story through authentic, lyrical hip hop in a way that feels fresh and updated for 2021. “Out the Rental” is an excellent introduction to Baddnews’ gritty, bars-first style - leaning into the popular sounds of the current drill wave with a well-executed ominous beat (by Josh Belani), but maintaining that high level lyricism and street orientation that got him to where he is today. 


“Out the Rental” is accompanied by a gritty music video (directed by Trigg) shot in the trenches of his hometown of Syracuse, NY - featuring Baddnews and company giving fans their first real look at the unforgiving environment that raised him as he relays the rules of the road. 


With only 7 songs released, Baddnews first started to make waves through a series of viral freestyles showcasing his impressive rapping abilities, most notably “Ricky Story” - an extended, King Von-style storytelling freestyle that racked up millions of views online and put him on the map in his home city. From there, he really started to break through with the release of his first tracks like “Nothing To Lose”, “Back Now”, and “See Me Down” - and more recently “Flip Phone”, “Ride Out”, and especially “Good Vibes” featuring the legendary Benny the Butcher - fellow street-oriented wordsmith from Upstate NY - that now has over 450K Spotify streams. His lyrical ability has landed him on the radar of outlets like HotNewHipHop, RapRadar, and SayCheese and tastemakers like The Ebro Show and YesJulz - likely due to his rare, lyrical style that manages to blend the old and the new school in such a compelling way. 


Overall, “Out the Rental” is another strong showing for the rising Syracuse emcee - that’s already got him popping up on the radar of New York frontrunners like Benny the Butcher and Fivio Foreign. While it may be early yet, the momentum definitely appears to be moving in his favor and all signs point to a big 2022 for Baddnews.


Check out the video for “Out the Rental” by Baddnews below. 


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