Bandmanrill “Bandthoven”

by Aidan C Werder on February 03, 2022

Last week, New Jersey’s brightest rising star, Bandmanrill, continued his red-hot streak with yet another crazy sample and turnt-up visual for his new single, “Bandthoven”.


As the name suggests, “Bandthoven” is an insane, Jersey-club flipped sample of an iconic classical symphony masterfully arranged by Bandman’s go-to producer, MCVertt. Music nerds will recognize it as Beethoven’s 5th (in C Minor to be exact), while everyone else will recognize it as that one that goes “Dun dun dun dun”. 


From the minute the wonky, headbop-inducing Jersey-club bass drops “Bandthoven” is non-stop high energy, pulsing bass, and savage punchlines delivered by Bandmanrill’s uniquely charismatic vocal that somehow cuts right through the chaotic production. Despite the wild energy throughout the track, one of the most exciting moments is when the beat abruptly cuts away to give way for 4 hilarious claps with a backdrop of silence. 


In the visual for “Bandthoven” (directed by KLO Visuals) we see the typical scene from a Bandmanrill video - an impressive array of Jersey club dance moves, choppy, well-executed VFX edits, and an absolutely electric atmosphere that for the first time in your life will make you wish you were from the Garden State.


Ever since he first burst onto the scene last year with “Heartbroken”, Bandmanrill has been a masterclass in originality and consistency - dropping nothing but top-notch singles and finding new ways to showcase his completely original style based in the regional Jersey club sound. Continuing his upward trajectory, on New Year’s Day Bandman dropped his well-received single “Close Friends” before heading to NYC to kill his On the Radar Freestyle with Gabe - and just this week was very notably spotted in the studio with Polo G, potentially foreshadowing a big feature in the near future.


Check out the video for Bandmanrill’s “Bandthoven” below - and be on the lookout for big things from the hottest new artist out of Jersey in 2022. 


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