Bandmanrill “Bullet”

by Aidan C Werder on September 13, 2021

On Friday Newark, New Jersey’s Bandmanrill dropped “Bullet” - the long-awaited follow up to his Jersey-club infused viral hit, “Heartbroken” from earlier this year.  

“Bullet” offers a new flavor of Bandmanrill’s completely original and compelling Jersey-club style - counterintuitively rapping intricate, punchy bars over regional club beats found almost exclusively in dance clubs in the garden state. A hugely entertaining, short-and-sweet track centered around a chill, dance beat (produced by MCVertt) that originally surfaced as a snippet back in March -  “Bullet” somehow manages to be laidback and high energy at the same time. To see what I mean, you really have you hear it for yourself - Bandman’s sound is one-of-a-kind an really needs to be experienced first hand.  

Everything about Bandmanrill and his new track, “Bullet” scream New Jersey: from the Jersey-club based production, to the frequent usage of regional slang (see: strag) and not-quite-NYC accent, to the shoutout to East Orange’s Daidough - and even the suburban, backyard pool party scene depicted in the Nimi Hendrix directed music-video with a Fatboy SSE cameo (two notable NJ natives) would be a familiar sight to any true Jersey-suburb native.  

If you’ve never heard of Bandmanrill before, you’ve probably never heard anything quite like his rapid fire flow over insane club-beat production. While it might be confusing at first, it quickly turns to fascination as you start to realize that his unintuitive flow actually works - which basically describes the premise of the initial TikTok video that turned his breakout song “Heartbroken” into a viral hit. The originally viral video set to “Heartbroken” has over 2.2M views on Bandman’s page alone and has sparked the imagination of club goers all across New Jersey - translating into countless shares across platforms, 1.5M views on Youtube, and nearly 2M Spotify streams since it first dropped in March. Ever since then, as his star has risen Bandman has remained relatively quiet - presumably developing a plan to capitalize on his viral success and occasionally popping out every now and then to tease a new track.

Although he really first started gaining wider attention this year after “Heartbroken” began making its way around the internet, Bandman was already dropping super solid singles throughout 2020 that show off an impressive range outside of his signature Jersey-club style he’s become known for. Far from a one trick pony: his track “One Time” is a full on R&B blend, “Speak” shows off melodic rap flow and catchy chorus, and on “Strag Story” comes completely out of left field with an unmistakably Michigan-inspired flow, channeling the likes of Flint legends Rio da Yung OG, YN Jay, and Louie Ray. 

“Bullet” is really his first realese since “Heartbroken” took off in March… hence the line “They say lil Bandman, goddamn man when the song gonn drop”. So while it’s still early on his trajectory, the buzz he’s been able to generate with just these two songs by tapping into the deep rooted regional Jersey-club culture and sound - combined with his obvious creativity and wide range - means the sky is the limit for Bandmanrill. 

Check out the video for “Bullets” below - and make sure you go back and check out “Heartbroken”. 


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