Bandmanrill “I Am Newark”

by Aidan C Werder on November 17, 2021

With the release of his newest Jersey-club infused single, “I Am Newark”, Bandmanrill is making a strong case for being the hottest thing moving in New Jersey. 

Bandmanrill out of Newark, NJ has taken the tri-state area by storm with his electric, high-energy style born out of the beloved club beats of the garden state, known as Jersey-club. His latest release, “I Am Newark” has Bandman fully staking his claim as the hottest in his often-overlooked city and leader of the new wave. The track is built around an iconic sample of Madcon’s “Beggin” - opening with the dramatic music and vocal of the original track, and giving way to the unmistakable Jersey club bounce with an expert-level transition (courtesy of MCVertt) that any true Jersey club-goer would be proud of. In addition to the unique, well-crafted production, the true magic of Bandman is the way his energetic, percussive flow cuts through the noise to deliver well-written bars, thoughtful punchlines, and real insight into the gritty Jersey life.

The video for “I Am Newark” (directed by KLo Visionz) is everything the visual for a Jersey-club banger should be - hundreds of sweaty people packed into a dark basement having the time of their lives. In this video, Bandman gives us the best look we’ve seen yet at the signature dance moves of the scene, characterized by light feet, sturdy arm movements, and a whole lot of bouncing. The track also opens with a pretty hilarious use of the audio from a viral TikTok essentially trashing the entire city of Newark - asking what some might consider a reasonable question: “Does anyone even come over here?”

In his opening line on “I Am Newark”, Bandman boldly claims that he and staple-producer MCVertt are 4 for 4 - and anyone who’s been keeping score would have to agree. Since first catching fire with the viral hit, “Heartbroken” earlier this year - debuting his compelling, one-of-a-kind Jersey-club style to over 2.2M viewers on the original clip - he’s kept his foot on the gas with “Bullet”, “Mr.Dontcuffthat”, and “Shake It” (which really would make it 5 for 5 were it an official release). He’s also been on a sample kick, with really well-done usages of unusual samples like the Black Eyed Peas “My Humps” or Imagine Dragons’ “Sucker for Pain” - showing that he’s not just energy and club beats, he’s got plenty of creativity and bars to match. With the current level of talent, momentum, and originality swirling around this young artist, it will be fun to watch as he continues to climb. 

Check out the video for Bandmanrill’s latest single, “I Am Newark” - and be on the lookout for more from Newark, New Jersey’s newest rising star. 



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