Big Scarr “SoIcyBoys 3” feat. Gucci Mane, Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano

by NO JUMPER on April 09, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Approaching the release date for his debut album Big Grim Reaper, Big Scarr is perfecting the art of an album rollout giving us a new video for “SoIcyBoys3'' featuring acclaimed artists Pooh Shiesty, Gucci Mane and Foogiano. The video captures a nostalgic style of the early 2000’s hip-hop videos so many of us 90’s babies have ingrained in our minds. The color and medium of the video, as a whole, is eclectic and reminiscent of a classic Jay-Z music video such as Big Pimpin’. All four rappers, including Big Scarr, have such distinct voices and rapping styles that you know exactly who’s spittin’ without having to even take a look. Pooh Shiesty and Big Scarr being from Memphis while Gucci and Foogiano being from Atlanta creates the one of the most cohesive and powerful records that could arise from the Dirty South. It’s a tasteful, refined 4-course meal of a rap song that any rap music fan would dive into. 

Big Scarr came up off the strength of his 2019 hit “Make A Play” that eventually led to him signing a deal at Gucci Mane’s very own record label The New 1017. Not to mention, Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano are also Gucci’s latest signees to the label, casting a bright light on the business-savvy of Guwop. Big Scarr is yet another true Memphis artist to make it out alive, being 1 of 9 kids and coming from the Magnolia neighborhood. Through his raps, he really speaks to the harsh nature of his upbringing, his trials and tribulations, and how he’s really come up on top. With Guwop and his fellow 1017 signees behind him, Big Scarr shouldn’t land short of any hit records, placements, nominees, and sold out shows. There’s a true dedication to the culture of rap music within Big Scarr that becomes quite apparent when you give his music a play through. Check out the video in the link below and check out the No Jumper blog for more new music.


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