Blueface & G Herbo Connect For an Offbeat Banger "Street Signs" Produced by Hitboy

by Aidan C Werder on April 20, 2022

G Herbo and Blueface, the self-proclaimed kings of offbeat rap, joined forces for an offbeat cross-country collab from Chicago to LA with their new joint single, “Street Signs”. 

On “Street Signs” Herbo and Blueface take turns delivering their perfectly onbeat-offbeat raps, keeping fans on their toes with savage, rapid-fire bars as they duck in and out at irregular intervals. The unusual, hard-hitting HitBoy-produced beat creates a fittingly frenzied atmosphere and the punchy drums provide a busy backdrop for Blueface and Herbo to find the perfect pocket for their unorthodox flows. Herbo lets us know where he’s at with the line: “I’m with Blueface on the west, but I’m from the east side” (stretching the definition of “the East” to include Chicago), and on the hook Blueface slides with some wordy wordplay and pretty hilarious “Beefcake” and “Pst pst pst” bars. 

The crisp Louie Knows-directed music video elevates the pair’s electric performances with perfectly timed VFX to match the frenetic HitBoy production, giving the two-minute quick hitter the fully produced visual it deserves. 

Overall, it was definitely a pleasant surprise to see two of the most unorthodox flows in the game go head to head - and the early verdict seems to be that “Street Signs” is a win for all parties involved. 

Watch the video for G Herbo and Blueface’s “Street Signs” below


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