Bryce Oliver “18”

by Aidan C Werder on December 10, 2021

On Friday, Bryce Oliver (also known as SadLyfe Bryce) dropped his latest single “18” - a stripped down, R&B-leaning love song about a teenage romance that may shed some light on why Bryce’s life is so sad.

Bryce is known for his alternative hip-hop style - leaning into different genres like pop, alt rock, and R&B to create interesting hybrids. On “18”, Bryce recounts the ups and downs of a past relationship that doesn’t exactly have a happy ending - opting for an R&B feel with simple 808s to put his gentle, melodic vocal front-and-center as he sing-raps the self-described “sad song”.

The video for “18” (directed by SoKrispy) shows Bryce at various stages in the relationship - transitioning between good times and low points in back-to-back scenes to emphasize his complicated feelings. 

Bryce Oliver has successfully been dropping music for years as he’s developed his alternative sing-rapping style, but recently caught a new break last year when his song “Living Legend” was selected for NBA 2K - its catchy melody going on to get stuck in the heads of 2K players everywhere. The elevated platform coincided perfectly with the release of his 2020 project, ‘SadLyfe Bryce’ which further showcased his melodic hybrid style, most notably on “Finesse Gawd” - a smooth, catchy track with an incredibly quotable hook that has gone on to be Bryce’s biggest song yet and the first to crack 1M Spotify streams. This year, Bryce dropped a new project, ‘Shadows Of The Night’ featuring the standout track “Fell In Love In France.” 

Overall, “18” is a well-executed track with a clean visual - and a great way for Bryce to re -engage his strong grassroot following heading into the new year ahead of his new project. 

Check out the video for Bryce Oliver’s “18” below. 


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