Capella Grey x PJ tha Balla “Me Vs You”

by Aidan C Werder on January 20, 2022

Last week, Capella Grey joined PJ tha Balla for “Me Vs You” for yet another feature in a string of fire collaborations. Forever putting on for the home team, the mayor of Uptown joins forces with the self-proclaimed face of Mount Vernon, PJ tha Balla, to present a smooth, R&B-leaning love song for the Bronx. 


Me Vs You” opens with the now-iconic, silky smooth vocals of Capella Grey outlining the all-too-common scenario of a partnership that has devolved into distrust and bickering. With the line “Was supposed to be me and you versus them, not you versus me” Capella does what he does best - which is take common phrases and relatable concepts that any native New Yorker would be familiar with and flip them into beautiful melodies without holding any punches. To complete the modern-day love story, PJ tha Balla enters to offer a perspective that’s a little rougher around the edges - painting a grittier (and probably pretty accurate) picture of love in the Bronx consisting of tellies, eaters, percs, and bags. 


The straightforward video for “Me Vs You” (directed by longtime NYC staple, Benji Filmz) shows the pair in color-coordinated puffer jackets to match their sets - each paired with their own model as a stand-in for their argumentative love interests. 


Me Vs You” is the latest in a string of dope features from Capella Grey - coming off “Seduce” with Russ, “You Know My Body” with Dream Doll (and her viral Yankee-fitted top), and “Bestie”, his collab with A Boogie featured on Kawhi Leonard’s Culture Jam compilation album. PJ tha Balla on the other hand isn’t doing any singing of any kind - opting for straight bars and delivering gritty singles like “Movers and Maybachs” and “Ghetto Boys” featuring pioneer of the Flint, Michigan sound, RMC Mike. 


Overall, “Me Vs You” is a calm, catchy love song with a classic feel - perfectly blending Capella Grey’s one-of-a-kind melodic vocal with PJ’s baritone, Bronx-native flow. 


Check out the video for “Me Vs You” by Capella Grey & PJ tha Balla below. 


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