David Shawty "who let the dogs out"

by Dylan Raffaele on January 08, 2021

After TikTok got ahold of the glitchcore-hyperpop infused e-boy anthem 'Pressure' in 2020 David Shawty and Yungster Jack became staples in the burgeoning scene. Over the past year the two teamed up for a number of collaborations that helped push the scene forward, 'Green' and 'Nitemare 3' are amongst the standouts. 

David now finds himself focusing on his solo career and as the hyperpop community continues to grow and find it's identity, David remains at the forefront. 

'who let the dogs out' sees David's glitchy vocals scattered across a hazy, sprawling instrumental. It's a change of pace from his usual sporadic and upbeat formula however his warped delivery shapeshifts throughout the song keeping the track firmly grounded in the drugged out world that David's music resides in, listen below: 


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