Detroit’s G.T. drops off a two-pack ahead of new album: “The Vet” and “Everybody” ft Babyface Ray

by Aidan C Werder on May 28, 2022

One of Detroit’s most respected veterans, G.T. returned this week with a double-header music video ahead of his new Money Counter Music Vol.2 featuring back-to-back songs: “The Vet” followed by “Everybody” with fellow Detroit frontrunner, Babyface Ray. 

Between the back-to-back songs, G.T. is a fresh example of the now-iconic regional sound he helped pioneer. “The Vet” perfectly captures the raw feel and smooth-talking Detroit rappers are known for, combined with the distinct asymmetrical bass-pattern (prod by. DamnTjay) that creates the perfect pocket for that addicting, unorthodox flow. To match, in the CT Films video we see G.T. in a garage back in the motor city surrounded by some very Detroit-looking cars.

On “Everybody,” G.T. and Babyface Ray showcase a more serious side of their city’s sound with their understated, deceptively chill flow over laidback production (prod by Richie Souf) - delivering thoughtful, precise bars about persevering through losses and difficult choices in the streets. In his verse, G.T. touches on the accident that nearly took his life and even shows off a lengthy scar in the video - where he’s joined by Face outside of an unassuming house that looks like it could be one of their old stomping grounds in Detroit.  

Overall, this double-single is a great display of G.T.’s distinct brand of Detroit rap - and the perfect way to ring in his upcoming project, Money Counter Music Vol.2. 

Watch G.T.’s “The Vet” / “Everybody” feat. Babyface Ray below


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