Draft Day “Keri Hilson/Shootout”ft. Lil’ Yachty & Jban$

by NO JUMPER on April 20, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Up and coming artist Draft Day presents us with a new music video for a single titled “Keri Hilson/Shootout” featuring Lil’ Yachty and newcomer Jban$. The video is in two parts, correlating with the two part track. The first half, titled “Keri Hilson” is dark and gloomy, with all three rappers taking turns spittin’ bars in what seems to be an old junkyard. “Chopper sings like Keri Hilson.” is the front and center hook that sits on  punchy, gritty drums and twirling synth keys. The sidechain effect solidifies the 808s and drums even more, just enough for the rappers to coincide their unique flows with the rhythm of the beat. Draft Day really sports his intense, distinctive style of rapping on the two part single. He raps: “Talkin’ that shit, you get put on a plate, we don’t play, eat your face. Got a K, for every b**** that I hit in the ‘A, I lost count, n****.” There’s an incredible mix of youthfulness and solemnity to his tone of voice. While to the ear it may be smooth, clear, or concise, the lyrics paint a different picture. Pleasant to the ear would be a perfect way to describe it. 

As we hit the second half of the single titled “Shootout”, the beat sticks to its dark and gloomy roots, but completely changes its rhythm and pocket. Interesting enough, the beat seems to keep the same tempo. Immediately, we’re given some color in the music video as Draft Day, Yachty, and Jban$ are in the same junkyard but with a tank and some military fits. Each rapper inexplicably morphs their flows to match the change in rhythm and beat, fitting just perfect. Lil’ Yachty becomes more playful, outlandish while Draft Day heightens the energy of his voice and rapping; at least in comparison to the first half of the single. “Shootout” is where we finally get a verse from Jban$ as well. He seems to fit right in with Draft and Yachty, boasting a more stylistic, standout type of flow. 

Hailing from Broward County, FL, Draft Day is the first signee to Lil’ Yachty’s venture label Concrete Boyz, which also has a deal in ink with Yachty’s label and Atlanta’s rap powerhouse Quality Control Music. Though the date for which Draft Day had signed to the label is unclear, both Yachty and Draft Day are wasting no time getting to the music. Draft also happens to be a childhood friend of Yachty’s, which is what makes this opportunity so unique. This really speaks to Lil’ Yachty’s dedication to his music and vision, and to the people he keeps close around him. I’m sure we could assume Draft feels the same for his label head/friend. 

Though Draft Day has a small discography, which includes his 2019 project titled First Round Pick, we’re hoping for his first official release on his new label and a strong album push from his parent label Quality Control. 2021 is proving to be an exciting year for the Florida rapper, Draft Day. Stay tuned and check out “Keri Hilson/Shootout” in the link below.


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