Dro Kenji “Push2Start”

by Aidan C Werder on March 29, 2022

Dro Kenji dropped the visual for “Push2Start” – one of many standout moments from his skip-less, hugely well-received recent project, WITH OR WITHOUT YOU that has quietly been catapulting him to the front of the pack of the emerging new wave since it was released at the end of January.

“Push2Start” is a prime example of Dro Kenji’s polished, pop-infused style with massive crossover appeal that seems to be resonating in a major way since he dropped his widely publicized latest album – defined by top-tier production, captivating songwriting, and best-in-class sing-rapping delivering unique flows with some serious vocal chops. Like many of his songs, “Push2Start” takes listeners through Kenji’s full range of abilities, from gentle melodies over swirling synths to crisp rap flows – all over the incredibly dynamic backdrop produced by an A-Team of Taz Taylor, Killhoffer, Mason Wu, and Census. 

The music video for “Push2Start” (directed by Declan Kyle; VFX by Noah Happu) shows Kenji posted up at various locations under a light NYC snowfall – opening with a shot of him perched high in the clouds overlooking the city and giving fans one of their last looks at his signature purple braids before going full Dro Sheeran with a new orange look last week. 

Arguably the most mainstream-ready artist rising out of the new wave, Dro Kenji is a rare example of a highly developed underground talent with broad appeal – and already building a strong case to be one of the champions that will bring the new SoundCloud era to the mainstream. 

Watch the video for “Push2Start” below, and check out the rest of Dro Kenji’s ‘WITH OR WITHOUT YOU’ out now. 


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