DThang “Habits”

by Aidan C Werder on November 02, 2021

Bronx-native DThang is having his moment in the spotlight following his viral ‘On the Radar’ freestyle and the release of his latest single, “Habits” - finally receiving recognition for being one of the originators of the Bronx drill wave currently dominating the NYC sound.  

“Habits” is the perfect way to capitalize on his recent success, standing out from the increasingly saturated crowd with a distinct flow and totally unique-sounding beat - free of the bassy 808s and asymmetrical hi-hats that have become the standard for drill tracks. While the rest of the pack leans into heavy samples and deep, raspy vocals - DThang is carving out his own path, not shying away from his unassuming, naturally high-pitched voice and babyface looks as he delivers ruthless punchlines and gritty street bars.

The tightly executed video for “Habits” (Directed by Photographir) is shot in typical drill fashion, but the crisp edits and extra sauce added to the video really elevate it to a new level - from the drone shots on the overpass at his home turf of the Bronx’s River Park Towers, to his impressive jewelry collection, to the lime-green-interior Lambo truck DThang barely looks old enough to drive. Although his actual age isn’t known for sure, the video ends with the group singing “Happy Birthday” to a smiling DThang in what appears to be their local corner store, while the haunting production continues to play in the background. Despite his controversial backstory, everyone seems to agree that DThang did his thing with this one.

“Habits” comes right off the back of what could be DThang’s biggest moment yet. Just a week before the video dropped, DThang had one of his first ever interviews, with Gabe from ‘On the Radar’ - where he answered questions about his come-up for the first time and displayed his winning personality before knocking his freestyle section completely out of the park - which quickly racked up over 800K views and became the platforms’ most viewed video in a matter of days. He also explained why he feels he and his friends are the true originators of the Bronx drill wave - saying that his breakout hit, “Caution” released in August 2020 was the spark that lit the fire under the Bronx and set the stage for the current boom. 

It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s a fact that since “Caution” first took off last summer it’s been viewed over 1.1M times. From there DThangs dropped a series of singles like “Bunny Hop”, “Gz Bop”, and “Play it Back” - each of which has an impressive 1M+ views on YouTube, already separating him from the pack. Last month, just ahead of his viral freestyle he dropped “Talk Facts” with fellow RPT artists Tdot and Bando. Already with over 2M views, “Talk Facts” is DThang’s most viewed song to date. 

River Park Towers’, DThang is quickly becoming the latest Bronx-drill phenom. The consensus online seems to be that he is consistently exceeding expectations, and “Habits” is just the latest example. DThang’s unique sound, unmistakable voice, and atypical look is a hugely compelling package - coming together to create frequent viral moments and ultimately an obvious star in the making. 

Check out the video for “Habits” below - and keep an eye out for the Bronx’s DThang. 


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