EST Gee “In Town” feat. Lil Durk

by Aidan C Werder on September 22, 2021

Easily one of the most exciting new artists of 2021, EST Gee dropped the visual for “In Town” featuring Lil Durk - a standout track off his chart-topping label debut, ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’. 

“In Town” would be a standout track from the new project even without the top-tier Durkio feature on account of EST Gee’s unexpected but super successful display of versatility. On the chorus, we’re introduced to what is essentially a brand new EST Gee voice - an affected, melodic vocal that no one could’ve seen coming given his normally ominous, gritty rap voice - before jumping back to his signature rap flow for his verse. The whole thing creates the effect of having a different “singing” artist on the hook and will have you double-checking the song’s credits looking for a third artist - and he even manages to pull it off again elsewhere on the project on “Forreal”, introducing a whole other voice that is equally well executed. 

Lil Durk is a great addition to “In Town”, his melodic rap flow funnily enough sitting right between each of EST Gee’s diverse styles. At first glance when you see the title, you would expect to hear Durk on the hook - but the contrasting styles and surprise hook from Gee create a hugely dynamic track - one with more melody, a gentler feel, and probably broader appeal than we’re used to from the Louisville slugger. Be on the lookout for “In Town” as a sleeper standout off ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’. 

The music video for “In Town” directed by Diesel Filmz, shows EST Gee and Durk riding around what must be a Louisville suburb in a Rolls Royce - with Gee never missing the opportunity to rock his signature oversized iced-out chains. The visual also opens with a clip of Gee’s fallen brother, who’s name is kept alive by EST Gee at every opportunity - even occupying Gee’s profile picture on his widely followed social media platforms throughout his meteoric rise.

Ever since signing to Yo Gotti’s CMG Records last year (accompanied by a viral video of his $750K signing bonus), EST Gee has been on an upward trajectory like few others - putting up absolutely insane numbers with his unique brand of gangster rap, updated for 2021. EST Gee’s style is defined by his relentless flow, distinct raspy vocal, and unapologetic reflection of the reality of life in his native Louisville. Not only does his one-of-a-kind flow create a unique sense of ominous urgency, but his intricately worded lyrics paint vivid and believable pictures of life on the dark side - his authenticity endearing him to street-oriented rappers around the industry, as evidenced by his A-List feature list on his label debut mixtape ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’ - released in July. 

EST Gee is resonating with audiences like no one else. ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’ debuted at #1 on Apple Music’s All Genre Chart, #7 on Billboard, and #9 on Rolling Stone - earning him the Number One spot on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 Chart, and even cracking the Top 40 of Rolling Stone’s Artists 500. For a label debut, for an artist rapping the way he is about the subject matter he is, and for a mixtape no less - this is absolutely unheard of. 

The obvious standouts on account of big name features from the project are “Lick Back Remix” feat. Future & Young Thug - the star-studded remix to the previously released smash hit (the original currently sitting at 15M+ views on Youtube) - and “5500 Degrees” feat. Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez, both of which have already been named Rolling Stone 100 hits. There is also “All I Know” with the notorious Pooh Shiesty - and the two tracks with CMG fam, “Run N 2 Me” feat. Yo Gotti and “No Friends” feat Yo Gotti and 42 Dugg are both fire. 

Even with the high flying features, some of the best moments on ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’ are his solo tracks. For a distilled introduction to the signature EST Gee sound that made him famous - you’re going to want to check out “Lick Back”, “Make It Even”, “Capitol 1” or the title track “Bigger Than Life or Death”. And for a taste of what he’s capable of, and the diverse sounds we’ll surely be hearing more of in the future, check out “Forreal”, “In Town”, or “Price Tag”. 

EST Gee is the 2021 surprise that no one really saw coming, but everyone is happy to see. His raw, unapologetic style scores highly on all marks - it’s authentic, catchy, relatable, unique, and insanely compelling. Brilliantly supported by Yo Gotti’s CMG, EST Gee is really one of the few examples of high-level modern gangster rap done right. His gritty, aggressive style might not be for everyone… but it’s definitely for a certain kind of hip hop fan. All said the sky is the limit for EST Gee, and whenever he’s ready to drop his official debut album - there will undoubtedly be a huge appetite for it. 

Check out the video for “In Town” feat Lil Durk below - and do yourself a favor and stream the rest of EST Gee’s unprecedented debut project, ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’.


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