Fivio Foreign “Story Time”

by Aidan C Werder on September 20, 2021

Brooklyn drill legend, Fivio Foreign continues to prove doubters wrong - following up his standout appearance on Kanye’s ‘DONDA’ with a new, uncharacteristically introspective single, “Story Time”. 

Fivio’s new track is surprisingly reflective and really well-executed - receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and cracking 3M views and Youtube Music Trending in its first week. “Story Time” paints vivid pictures of adapting to hostile environments, moving through the correctional system, and all of the harsh and non-obvious realities that come with that - all without compromising his signature Fivi flow and magnetic Brooklyn drill style. Normally known for his more upbeat party tracks and clever one-liners, “Story Time” shows us a different side of Fivio as he continues to elevate far beyond where many once expected. 

Clearly influenced by his time spent working with Kanye on ‘DONDA’ - the production on “Story Time” is an unlikely mash of drill and dramatic, gospel choir. As usual, Fivio manages to find an insane pocket for his relentless flow through the punching bass and pounding 808’s to get off an impressively intricate and coherent story of what we can only assume his own path - one that unfortunately so many listening can see themselves in. 

The cinematic visual, directed by Alonzo Hellerbach, really paints the picture for us - showing Fivio holding court on a Brooklyn rooftop, gathering the young guys around to tell them a “sad story about a young boy, who grew up with no pops in the crib” (played by Jordan Nelson). And then we watch as the all-too-real story of incarceration, loyalty, and the struggle to face the consequences plays out. 

In true Ye fashion, “Story Time” has a long list of contributors, produced by AyoAA, SavBeats, and 808k_anatares. Interesting story about AyoAA (aka Ozzy), Fivio’s producer who also contributed on ‘DONDA’. Kanye had asked who had produced the music Fivio was previewing for him, and he told him about Ozzy - and the next thing he knew he was on a plane to Atlanta to not only help produce the drill elements for Fivio’s verse on “Off the Grid” - but add his touch to other songs throughout the projects. And now here he is again on “Story Time”. 

Fivio has been relatively quiet since his legal troubles in 2020, but it seems like “Story Time” is a reasonable signal that we can expect to hear more new music - especially given the hugely positive response, as well as his appearance on ‘DONDA’. In the meantime, he’s actually been making excellent use of TikTok - creating viral clips by using it as more of a vlog channel to broadcast funny IRL moments like performing at a Sweet 16 or tricking his fans at the airport into thinking he’s not actually Fivio. Additionally, he has also announced that Kanye would be “doin his album” too - so whatever that means it’s likely we’re in for another treat from the Brooklyn drill icon at some point soon.

Until then, quit counting Fivio out - and check out the video for “Story Time” below. 


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