Fleego “Loveworld” feat Semi S7evin

by Aidan C Werder on November 16, 2021

This weekend, Brooklyn’s Fleego and Semi S7evin dropped the trippy visual for “Loveworld” - a fan favorite off the experimental boundary-pushing collaborative mixtape out of NYC, ‘WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN’ hosted by A$AP Illz released earlier this year. 


“Loveworld” brings to the table something rare in today’s music landscape: a totally new sound - dripping with wild energy, raw creativity, and unique, druggy melodies. The vibey, hypnotic production reels you in, and before you know it Fleego’s distinctly affected vocal is transporting you on a one-way ticket to Love World. Followed by a chaotic, borderline-chanted verse from Semi S7even that at first feels out of place - but somehow fits perfectly and comes back around to create a cohesive, experimental track with a completely original, raw vibe. 

In the colorful, mind-bending visual for “Loveworld” (directed by Respective), Fleego and Semi give us a glimpse into their unique world of high fashion and psychedelics - oozing cool confidence as they deliver their unusual bars rocking limited drip from a variety of exclusive sources including Barriers NY, Michael J Kim, and the Loveworld-inspired collection, Loverboy Club. There are also some eyebrow-raising cameos from the mushroom-loving Mario & Wario, a pair of toadstool princesses, and of course the architect himself, A$AP Illz. 

‘WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN’ is a collaborative mixtape that sprang up organically out of a newly formed community of like-minded, fringe-character creatives you can find hanging out in the streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Throughout the experimental posse tape, we hear Fleego, Semi, Illz, and the rest of the talented bunch of Orchard Street cool kids exploring different combinations of dark melodies, druggy asymmetrical production, and gritty street bars - forging a path for a brand-new kind of psychedelic, punk-rock type hip hop that is raw, unique, and still unmistakably New York. 

“Loveworld” is the first visual released from the ‘WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN’ tape - with hopefully more to follow. There is a shortage of original, raw creativity in today’s music landscape, and these guys have it to spare.

Check out the music video for Fleego & Semi S7even’s “Loveworld” - off the collaborative mixtape ‘WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN’ hosted by A$AP Illz. 


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