Goonie "Designer Drugs"

by NO JUMPER on February 24, 2021

Written by Paul Naud

The Cleveland rapper Goonie drops off the music video to his best single off of his latest project “This Thing Of Ours Vol.2”. Goonie is an upcoming artist in a revolutionary wave of artists who are set to take over the future of rap. Those familiar with the Pluggnb sound will be pleasantly surprised with what Goonie is doing with it. His laid back and melodious raps fuse smoothly with the experimental production of this new wave. He comes from a collective called Slayworld in which artists like Summrs, Autumn, KanKan, and more teamed up for countless hits that will show just how important they are as time goes by. All of these artists are individually beginning to disrupt the scene of modern rap and influencing the sound of the future. Goonie is one of Slayworld’s strongest soldiers with immaculate evolution in his early catalog.

“Designer Drugs” is a masterful production with Goonie being the only one that could do this type of style justice. He combines melody, autotune, and harmony perfectly in his voice as  he breaks the barrier between hooks and verses. The raps are genuine and reflect the natural good and bad emotions of his soul in an expressive delivery. BenjiCold is Goonie’s go-to producer and for very good reason. It’s impressive how magisterial he is for such an experimental style of production. “Designer Drugs” is almost like a composition with the electric guitar giving a powerful presence and descending piano notes being that secret spice to the recipe. His best work is with the drums and percussion making it extremely dynamic and innovative. Im excited to see what else the two are able to accomplish together.

 2020 was the year when things really took off for Goonie as he dropped his best work with 3 projects “This Thing Of Ours Vol.1”, “Running Out Of Dreams”, and “This Thing Of Ours Vol.2”. This year he’s going even harder with a focus on making music videos and already talking about his next project “This Thing Of Ours Vol.3”.  2021 has incredible potential for Goonie if he keeps doing his thing. 

Check out Goonie "Designer Drugs" below.




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