Hotboii “Doctor” feat. Lil Tjay

by Aidan C Werder on November 09, 2021

On Friday, Orlando, Florida’s Hotboii dropped his new song, “Doctor” - enlisting the help of the current reigning champ of NYC sing-rapping, Lil Tjay, for a stripped-down, melodic track - juxtaposing their gentle singing voices and intricate melodies with gritty bars about street beefs to create a compelling, laidback song with something for everyone. 


Hotboii and Lil Tjay are two of the most interesting melody-driven, street-oriented artists to have emerged in recent years, joining forces for the first time on “Doctor” with great success - already racking up hundreds of thousands of views and hitting the YouTube Trending list. The deceptively simple piano-led beat (produced by Cubanojam, Leak, & Rover) leaves plenty of space for the vocals to breathe and catchy melody to shine - showcasing the contrast between Hotboii’s higher pitch and Southern drawl with Tjay’s lower register and “natural autotune” voice he’s been leaning into more recently. 


The crisp, straightforward video for ‘Doctor” (directed by the prolific Jerry Productions) shows the pair delivering their verses in what has become their natural habitat, a beautiful luxury apartment high above the city - with Hotboii rocking his signature look consisting of his unmissable “wick” hairstyle, Florida-boy gold fronts, and not one but two bussdown watches. 


Hotboii’s gentle sound, unique look, and introspective songs have helped him separate from the pack ever since he broke through with his 2020 breakout song off his debut project, ‘Kut Da Fan On’ - a massive hit titled called “Don’t Need Time” which has an astounding 68M YouTube views, 35M Spotify streams, and later spawned a remix featuring Lil Baby (which today stands at 12M views and 16M streams). Since then, he’s risen to become the MVP of the Florida-based powerhouse, 100K Management (DrewFilmedIt & 100k Track). He’s dropped multiple additional hits with big name features like ”Goat Talk 2” feat. Polo G, and in May of this year, “Nobody Special'' with Future - an unusually catchy, massive hit song with some pretty savage punchlines, already well on its way to catching “Don’t Need Time” as Hotboii’s biggest song to date. 

Overall, “Doctor” is an impressive showing from Hotboii and Lil Tjay - and very likely on its way to becoming Hotboii’s next big moment. 

Check out the video for Hotboii’s “Doctor” feat Lil Tjay below.


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