Icewear Vezzo “Know the Difference” feat Lil Baby

by Aidan C Werder on September 21, 2021

Detroit’s rising star, Icewear Vezzo, is applying maximum pressure with his latest single “Know the Difference” feat. Lil Baby - ahead of the release of his new project, ‘Rich Off Pints 2’, set to drop next week on September 29th. 

“Know the Difference” is everything it should be and more: punchy production, a straightforward (but expensive) visual, and nonstop bars making the most of each artists’ distinct brand of hip hop. Vezzo shows off his versatility with a hugely impressive, upbeat, urgent flow - in contrast to his normally more laid back but intense style - completely holding his own following Baby’s signature flowing cadence that is notoriously hard to follow. 

The video for “Know the Difference” (directed by Caleb Jermale of IJU Productions) is simple and straightforward, letting the song do the talking as we watch the artists in their natural habitat: sporting heavy jewelry and cruising through the suburbs in a quarter-million-dollar McLaren. 

For the uninitiated, Icewear Vezzo is a longtime veteran of the increasingly popular Detroit / Michigan rap scene - a regional style that’s come to be known for its “offbeat” cadence, unique production, gritty tone, and shock value lyrics. In recent years, Vezzo has undeniably separated himself from the pack as one of the scene’s rising stars - thanks largely to his distinct, gritty style and unique take on the Detroit sound. Digging through his extensive catalog you’ll find collabs with just about every notable artist out of Michigan: Rio Da Yung OG, Babyface Ray, GT, Louie Ray, YN Jay, Peezy, Veeze, KrispyLife Kidd, and the list goes on. After a series of ups and downs - from building an independent buzz, to getting locked up, to signing a historic label deal that made him the first Detroit rapper signed to the iconic Motown Records - Vezzo is now back independent under his own Iced Up Records… and truly sounding better and hungrier than ever.

In the last year, the Michigan rap scene - largely concentrated around Detroit and Flint - has seen a huge uptick on the whole, creating new stars like Rio Da Yung OG, Peezy, Bfb dapackman, YN Jay, Louie Ray, Veeze, and literally dozens more. But there are two artists from the same neighborhood in Detroit that have really crossed over and broken out of the bubbling scene and into national awareness: namely Icewear Vezzo and Babyface Ray. They each have their own hugely compelling takes on the gritty, unorthodox Michigan style - and at different times have come together to create some of the best Michigan rap collabs to date: songs like “Champions”, “Sit Down” and “Meg Thee Stallion” - and of course on Lil Yachty’s “Royal Rumble” off Michigan Boy Boat - an entire project essentially dedicated to showcasing the Mt.Rushmore-of-Michigan rap, and putting the unusual but addicting midwest style on display for a wider audience. 

Quick shoutout to Babyface Ray: who has been popping up in all kinds of unexpected places after the success of tracks like “Real N**** Don’t Rap”, “Like Daisy Lane”, and “A Million Cash Race” - and more recently scoring big features with artists legendary Detroit-native Big Sean on “It Ain’t My Fault”, Mozzy & EST Gee on “Beat the Case”, and probably most notably Jack Harlow on the “Paperwork Party” Remix - who would essentially solidify Ray’s rising star status when he added him to his major, national Creme da la Creme Tour, happening now.

Now back to Icewear Vezzo: who has objectively been coming absolutely crazy this year. In April, out of nowhere he drops “Up the Sco” featuring the red-hot Lil Durk - an instant hit and street classic now with over 13M views on Youtube. In May, he dropped ‘Rich of Pints’ - under his own Iced Up Records with impressive features from big names like EST Gee, Lil Yachty, and Trippie Redd, not to mention appearances from Michigan legends like Rio Da Yung OG, GT, Peezy, KrispyLife Kidd, Grind Hard E, and Louie Ray. 

In the lead up to ‘Rich of Pints 2’, Vezzo has turned the temperature up to 1000 - holding absolutely nothing back as he unleashes back-to-back certified hits featuring the ungettable Holy Trinity of hip hop in 2021: starting with “Up the Sco” feat. Lil Durk in April, followed by another instant hit featuring Future, “Tear The Club Up”, and now just last month with “Know the Difference” feat. Lil Baby - which is already approaching 2M views. He’s also dropped two solo tracks in the last month that show us Vezzo in peak form: “Chamber Brothers” and just last week, “5 Milli” - a flip of the classic “Five On It” beat - both of which cracked 1M views in their first week. 

The demand for Icewear Vezzo is high because his style is one-of-a-kind: scratching the itch for gangster rap in a brand new way, drawing from the captivating regional style of his native Detroit while incorporating his own unique perspective, gritty understated swag, and of course his unmistakable raspy vocal. Vezzo’s undeniable authenticity, quiet charisma, and unmatched work ethic have endeared him to artists of a certain street-oriented persuasion around the industry - and he’s now finally being recognized by a wider audience as more and more fans are exposed to his magnetic style of music.  

If the quality of his recent singles and the level of features is anything to go on, ‘Rich Off Pints 2’ is set to be an absolute movie. One of the most exciting artists coming out of one of the most exciting rap scenes in the country, Icewear Vezzo is definitely a name you should be familiar with. 

Check out the video for Icewear Vezzo’s “Know the Difference” feat. Lil Baby below - and be sure to cop ‘Rich Off Pints 2’ available everywhere Wed, September 29th.


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