Icewear Vezzo “Up The Scoe” ft. Lil’ Durk

by NO JUMPER on April 19, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

The King of Detroit is back with another banger titled “Up The Scoe” featuring Chicago’s very own Lil’ Durk. It’s truly an effortless, energetic record from Vezzo, who’s been on quite the streak since the explosion of the Detroit rap scene. The production however, strays a tad from it’s usual high BPM, wonky bass characteristics and centers more on a Chicago drill type of sound (akin to a Chief Keef type beat.) Vezzo doesn’t have any problem flowing on this type of production though; and with a rapper like Durk on his side really helps glue the record as a whole together. The color palette of the music video is mesmerizing. It’s hypnotic and enthralling all at once, with both rappers crews in the back pointing to the sky as Icewear Vezzo raps: “Up the Scoe!” 

Since his rise, the Detroit rapper hasn’t only been making a name for himself in the culture, but also has been sticking to his roots in his hometown. Vezzo has begun to invest in his community, buying commercial property, building a restaurant and car wash in his native East Side of Detroit. It goes to show his dedication to where he was brought up and who really helped him get to where he stands now. It’s one thing to put on for your city; however it’s another thing to invest and give back to your city. And it’s definitely something that Detroit needs right now. Shout out to Icewear Vezzo and Lil’ Durk, go stream “Up The Scoe” in the link below.


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